Home, Sweet Home

What a gift to see my education come full-circle by presenting at schools in my hometown and surrounding cities of Denver and Boulder! A huge thank you to Rivendell, St. Joe’s, Truscott, Heritage, Irish, CLP, Most Precious Blood, Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer, Columbine, and my alma mater: Harris Bilingual, for welcoming me with open arms into your beautiful schools. Listening to your students’ dreams, goals, thoughts on friendship, and traits they love about themselves fills me with life and gratitude. Thank you, teachers, for your role in shaping my values and continuing to create a ripple-effect of hope and confidence for our next generation of citizens. And a special shout-out to the Coloradoan and KRFC for enthusiastically spreading the message! Thank you for extending a hand to promote love and dignity in our community ❤️

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