Book Tour, Texas Schools

A Warm Embrace from the Lone Star State

The heat of the Texas sunshine could hardly overpower the warmth radiating from students and teachers in this diverse state. Texas’ initiative to move toward dual-language education is a huge step toward forging unity in our country. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to share what being bilingual means to me and see children light up with enthusiasm about the opportunities it gives them as well. Thank you Mount Sacred Heart, Mary Magdalen, Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, St. Anthony’s, Holy Name, Our Lady of Grace, Harris Public Library, St. Austin’s and Casa de Ninos Montessori for receiving me with such hospitality! Your students’ openness, passion for learning, innovative dreams and commitment to ending bullying by valuing each person illumine hope for the future of our country and world.

Celebrate diversity in language, culture, race, age, preferences, personality and in every possible way. Without it, our world would be boring!
We all have big dreams!
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind…and those who mind, don’t matter.
What is your dream?
How can you use your dream and talents to serve your community?
Everyone’s dreams can be used to benefit our world!
Can you find Brielle?
Treated to a little song prepared with love by the preschoolers
Never too young to laugh and inspire each other

Brielle and Brielle ❤️

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